Jersey Cow - $1,800 (Iola)

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“Winnie” is a great mama. I bought her as a nurse cow, grafted a bull calf onto her, all the while she was pregnant with twins. Which I had no idea she was even pregnant until the last month of her pregnancy it became pretty obvious. She delivered both calves totally unassisted and they grew up healthy and strong. She’s more than likely bred currently. I have not had this confirmed, but I have seen her being covered numerous times. The bull was 1/2 beef 1/2 dairy. They ran together from end of June- end of July and again in November. So baby could be here any day from now until Sept/October.
She’s currently dried up, letting her have a break to put that energy towards the baby I suspect she’s growing.
She’s friendly and not always great with personal space. She’s thinks she’s a dog and wants pets/scratches and comes when called. I’ve hand milked her and machine milked her. I never had a stancion but I’d get one for her bc as soon as she’s empty, she’s done and wants to leave, sometimes before I could even get the machine to break suction on her teats.
Idk her exact age but I bought her 2 years ago from a dairy and I don’t think she’s much over 2-2.5 yr old when I got her.

Message me if you’re interested in seeing her and picking her up. No delivery. Thanks for reading.

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