Akbash or Great Pyrenees Mix Needs a Good Home - $100 (Rockdale)

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The beautiful boy needs a good home. He is 3 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots. He is either an Akbash or a Great Pyrenees mix. We had him since he was a puppy, and he is a combination pet and LGD.

He loves his humans and needs human interaction, but he also needs to be able to roam and patrol a large territory. He is good with chickens, goats, cats, children, and toddlers. He will hunt and kill wild animals though, so he needs to know which animals are "ours" and which are not. We've never had a problem with him so much as chasing one of our own animals. No signs of aggression at all.

He is not your typical LGD in that he was raised as a pet, so he doesn't really "bond" with the livestock in the way some LGDs do. He doesn't bother them; he just ignores them. He bonds to his humans, and then patrols the area around us and keeps predators out. He ignores the livestock that are under his humans' protection and does not seem to specifically protect them.

He is very good with our kids and all humans. No agression. Like a lot of LGD dogs, he does not always know his own size and strength. He will occasionally raise a paw on us to request petting, which is common of these dogs, but not pleasant. He sometimes also jumps up on adults if he gets over-excited. He rarely does this with his own people; I have to caution strangers to not greet him too enthusiastically or he gets excited and thinks he can get away with jumping up on them. This is not aggressive at all; he just doesn't seem to realize how big he is and how sharp his claws can be. He seems to know not to jump on the children though, thankfully; he hasn't done that since he was a puppy.

He can easily climb over our no-climb 5-foot horse fence and gate. He literally climbs it. We live on a 70mph road, so this is not a good situation. A single line of electric fence would probably fix that, but it's not practical for us. The ideal home would be large acreage out in the country, with no near neighbors who will mind him patrolling the area. Or fencing that is superior to ours.

He is also terrified of thunder, and will stop at nothing to get into the house during a thunderstorm. He's jumped through screen windows, scratched up our doors, and camped out at the door until someone tries to go through it and he pushes in past them. He'll either need a safe place where you can confine him during storms, or to be let in.

He gets along with other dogs well, as far as I've seen. We have a female Great Pyrenees a Jack Russel mix. Even though the Jack Russell is often aggressive towards him, he tolerates him very well.

These dogs are by nature very independent-minded, which can be a blessing and a curse, depending on your situation. I'd prefer he go to someone familiar with this breed, with realistic expectations for him.

Please send me an email and I will respond within 24 hours. We can communicate by email, text, or phone call at that point, whatever you prefer.

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