You Are Not Too Old to Learn to Play Piano/Keyboard (College Station)

You Are Not Too Old to Learn to Play Piano/Keyboard
(In Person. or via Skype or Zoom!)


I teach students at every skill level...Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. My clients include college students, doctors, nurses and other professionals. My home studio is less than ten minutes from campus.

My degree is in Music Theory and Education, and I have taught for over 20 years, as well as played with bands for even longer than that. I am a patient guy by nature, and my students often comment on how patient I am as a teacher. Although we will set goals and work to meet those goals, this is a low-key and FUN.

My students learn a two-track approach wherein they learn to read music, but also learn chord structure right away and learn to play with chords quickly. In ten weeks, you can go from knowing nothing musically to playing rather difficult pieces and long before that you can be playing simplified versions of your favorite songs.

I have a passion for helping people develop and sharpen their musical abilities. The goal is not to make you a classically-trained piano performer, but rather understand the basics of music in a way that you can enjoy playing some of your favorite tunes.

I also teach Voice and can help you reach your goals and potential.

I teach a 45-minute lesson each week, and you take that week to apply what you have learned. You will learn notes, theory, chords, rhythms, how to play some more advanced arrangements and more.

BECAUSE THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN STUDENT AND TEACHER IS SO IMPORTANT, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR YOUR FIRST LESSON. If, after that first lesson, you feel this just isn't for you, you are under no obligation to return.

Hit me back for more information.

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